Tim Brom's Homepage

I went back to school for my PhD in computer science in August of 2011. I am working in Titus Brown's laboratory looking into methods for scaling algorithms for dealing with large quantities of DNA sequencing data.

I started work at Belcan on April 18th, 2011. I continued working on embedded systems, mostly in the aerospace industry. I performed more work on VxWorks 653 BSP development, also requirements and testing for DO-178B level A certification of the BSP.

I worked at ITT Technical Institute as an adjunct faculty member starting in April of 2009. I mostly taught Linux systems administration classes, but also covered networking and some intro to programming classes in Python and C#.

I worked at DornerWorks, Ltd until April 1st, 2011. There I was part of the team performing validation and verification of a large aerospace software project. I also worked on developing requirements for an aircraft wiring analysis tool and a VxWorks 653 BSP.

I finished my Masters degree in December of 2008 at the Computer Science department at the University of Kentucky, where I worked as a Research Assistant on the EDUCE project with Professor Brent Seales and Professor James Griffioen.

I got my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan. That's also where I met my wife, Grace. While I was at Calvin I had the opportunity to work on and assist with research on the emulab with Professor W. David Laverell, administered our supercomputer Ohm and I helped design and create Microwulf, a portable 8-node beowulf cluster with Professor Joel Adams. I also worked as a systems administrator for the campus network operations center for most of my college career.